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Herniation of intervertebral disc ( herniation of vertebral pulp)

Herniation of intervertebral disc ( herniation of vertebral pulp)There are discs that act as cushion between spinal bones. This disc is called intervertebral disc, and it consists of annulus fibrosus - which is external tissue made of hard fiber - and vertebral pulp, which is an inner jelly-like structure. Vertebral pulp is sticky and soft, like jelly, and it is located in the center of the disc. A 1cm thick annulus fibrosus surrounds this pulp. In "herniation of intervertebral disc", external trauma, natural aging process ( degenerative), or excessive body weight causes the intervertebral pulp to rip the posterior annulus fibrosus, its location, and compress the nearby nerve. It is the most common form of disease we simply call "disc".

Most of the time when the intervertebral disc is herniated, it is tilted to the left or right. When it is herniated to the left, the pulp compresses the left side of the nerve, reaching the lower half of the body and generating pain on the left side. When it is herniated to the right, pain is usually experienced on the right side of the body. Pain is not limited to the waist area, however.Frequently, there is accompanying pain in the sacrum, hips, posterior thigh, toes, etc. Pain has been found to be due to inflammation of the nerve, which is turn is caused by the herniated pulp compressing the nerve. Less frequently, the pulp is herniated straight back without tilting, compressing the lumbar canal and sometimes leading to the development of "lumbar canal stenosis".
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