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About us

SDD Medical Group Exclusive Distributor in the UK for SDD products, PRP Centrifuge, Dr PRP kits.
SDD (Spinal Disc Decomression) products designed in England, patented.

Disk Dr. Waist WG30 

The founder of SDD Medical Group has suffered back pain since 1999. By the summer of 2008, he was unable to get out of bed and was diagnosed with herniated discs (MRI August of 2008 L5-S1 9mm, L4-L5 5mm). Having tried different treatments, none of which effective, he was shocked when he was told surgery was the only answer. Lying in a bed for two months unable to get up and waiting for spine surgery, accidentally found Disk Dr belt on the internet. He wasn't optimistic, having tried 3 different types of belts in the past. However, the Disk Dr clinical results were so impressive, he decided to try it for himself.

Updated: March 2009
Today, (March of 2009) he still wears his Disk Dr belt. It has not only improved his condition, he is now also able to travel overseas on business trips. Because the Disk Dr Waist WG30 belt made such a significant difference to his life, he wanted to share this unique, patented, scientifically proven product with other back pain sufferers. In 2009, the company SDD Medical Group (ex Ortho Medical) was established to supply the range of Disk Dr products to the public and medical practitioners.

Updated: January 2010
Disk Dr. WG30 used for 2 years every single day and now the founder of SDD Medical Group is not only free of lower back and sciatica pain for the first time in 10 years, but herniation has changed shape and has become smaller.

Updated: September 2010
SDD Medical Group became an exclusive distributor in the UK for Disk Dr products.
Disk Dr belt available in the USA on Medicare and other major insurance.

Updated: April 2021
14 years have passed since I suffered first severe back pain. Spine is in good condition, seems I never had a back pain in my life.
The exercise for back became a daily routine, once a year using supplements for spine and joints.

SDD Medical Group Ltd provides innovative orthopaedic and medical products back and neck pain relief, support, rehabilitation and prevention, products for PRP therapy, regenerative therapy, centrifuges.

SDD Medical Group is committed to maintain the highest standards of excellence in the quality and consistency of its products and services.

Disk Dr Waist - Changeui Medical Co., Ltd - Seoul, S Korea
Disk Dr Waist is completely different from existing general spinal braces, which could weaken muscular strength around the waist. Disk Dr belt not only widens and supports lumbar vertebrae but also forces muscles around the waist to exercise more. Disk Dr Belt System provides advantages over all existing lumbar support belts. Refer to Clinical Reports.
1995 - Pathological Investigations  carried out by the Orthopaedic Surgery Departments at both Inje University Seoul Paik Hospital and Sanggye Paik Hospital.
1998 - Started business operations, first export to USA and Japan.
1999 - Obtained US Patent, Japanese Patent.
1999 - Presented scientific (research) study analyzing the efficacy of the air injection (inflated) (lumbar) corset on patients suffering from lumbar (back) pain - 329 individuals.
2000 - Obtained CE Certification.
2002 - First export to EU.
2002 - Disk Dr Won the gold medal in the medical category at the INPEX SHOW, one of the most authoritative exhibitions for new inventions, held in Pittsburgh (15-18 March 2002)
2004 - Disk Dr Awarded 2004 Korea`s Best Brands - Seoul Economic Daily.

Medical instrument license: No.05-879
Medical instrument manufacturing license: No.651
Patent No.142202 in Korea, Patent No.2911437 in Japan
Patent No.5980560 in USA, Patent No.128635 in China
International Application No.PCT/KROO/00368
FDA ER No.9611754 in USA
ISO 13485 Certification by SGS in England

Today Disk Dr products have brought relief to millions of back pain sufferers worldwide.

According to Government figures*, one in six working days is lost because of back pain. Statistics show 80% of people in UK will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives.

*Source: HM Government Health & Safety Executive

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