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Ortho Medical Ltd
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Disk Dr. Waist Wg30 Free Delivery

don't live with back pain, smile again with Disk Dr.

Testimonials Disk Dr. Neck CS300

We currently use the neck traction collar device Disk Dr. Neck CS300 on our patients with either disc herniation and / or degenerative arthritis. The collar allows the joints to open up and stretch gently so that we can progress their treatment in both acute and chronic cases. I also prescribe it to patients to use in between their sessions as a home treatment to help "hold" their changes and improve their recovery time, patients always finding that their range of motion improves after proper continued use.
Dr Louise Chiasson, Chiropractor, Hillingdon, Arena Wellness Centre
I had been suffering with chronic pain more than 6 months. Visited GP few times and was prescribed pain killers every time. I knew this was not a permanent solution. Since I could not see any solution I kept quiet and suffered in silence.

Being a property manager I manage a commercial office block where various different companies have their office based. One of my tenants is Ortho Medical Ltd. Having studied their impressive range of products I decided to buy their neck traction belt CS300 which was the best decision ever.

I finally found NATURAL SOLUTION to my problem which involved taking NO PILLS. Two months down the line I feel as if I never had this problem. It completely vanished. I strongly recommend this to all those suffering in silence like myself.
Kalpan Patel, Property Manager, Challenge House
I was diagnosed of having a cervical disc herniation. The MRI tells it all: a very bad one in such a way that 3 neurosurgeons agreed that a surgical intervention may be needed imminently. I tried the physiotherapy but I wasn't that much of help. I heard about a tractor built for the neck. I was convinced with its scientific justification so I bought Disk Dr. Neck CS300. In the first week, numbness was reduced remarkably. After two weeks, I had no numbness nor tingling. I was using it for 30 minutes twice a day.

I'm using it now as a preventive treatment only. Thank you Ortho Medical for the effective products and superb customer service you provide especially after sales.
Ibrahim, UK / UAE

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