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Walking Braces & Splints

Adjustable Walker Boot

Product code: FXROM

Benefits of the Adjustable Walker Boot

  • Range of Motion - Joint has 0-60 degrees in dorsiflexion and 70 degrees in plantar flexion. Adjustments in 10 degree increments.
  • Hook and Loop closure provides easy adjustment.
  • Ultra low profile design eliminates difference between Walker and normal shoe without altering gait.
  • Padded soft foam keeps lower leg comfortable.
  • Metal stirrups immobilise the ankle securely and comfortably.
  • Impact resistant and shock absorbing sole for enhanced protection.
  • Rocker Bottom sole allows easier ambulation.
  • Sizes: M, L, XL

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Product Description

The ROM Walker Boot is ideal for anyone recovering from any lower leg fractures, sprains and after any operations as it allows the lower leg to be splinted in a rigid cast for the first few days and then when instructed by a physiotherapist weight bearing can begin and the movement for the ankle increased slowly. This early range of motion will aid many people in starting their rehabilitation while still having the maximum amount of protection available and starting to walk as soon as possible in a near natural way will reduce the aches and pains in the knee or hip joins that can occur when in a rigid plaster cast. This is a top level brace giving the Ultimate level of protection.

Universal: Right or Left

Product Name Adjustable Walking Boot
Size  UK Size EU Size
Medium   4 - 7  37 -40
Large   7.5 - 9.5  41 - 44
Extra Large   10 -14  




Customer Reviews

Received the boot this morning at 8:30. Great service and an excellent product. Many thanks.
Ian, Somerset

I just wanted to say thank you so much for this quality boot which has helped me so much. I have progressive multiple sclerosis and I couldn't stand on my left leg due to severe pain and weakness. The boot has helped support my leg so I can stand for a few hours and the styling takes away a lot of the pain. You can even keep your shoe / trainer on inside the boot as long as they are basic styles which is helpful. I rate this are 10/10 and a bargain for the money. Its very comfy to wear also.
Buyer from Amazon

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