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Posture Supports

Posture Support Shoulder Brace

Posture support shoulder brace is designed to improve your posture, prevent slouching and align your spine therefore relieving pain and discomfort.

It's lightweight and made from breathable, hygienic anti-microbial fabric so it is equally suited to be worn under or over clothing.

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Please note that due to positioning of the scar this product may
be uncomfortable for those with fitted with a pacemaker.


Stand straight and proud! Improve posture and relieve pain

Once the shoulder brace is fitted you will instantly feel the elasticated straps and the low profile back section pull your shoulders into the correct position and straighten your spine.

As your body becomes accustomed to your new, natural, correct posture you will no doubt feel taller, more confident and healthier. And over time you will find that you will retain this posture, even when not wearing the brace.

So Discreet It's Nearly Invisible!

The material used in the shoulder brace construction is not only breathable, lightweight and comfortable, but most importantly, is very discreet. The designers have used the perfect colour tones of light greys and blues so that the brace is unnoticeable and cannot be seen through items of clothing when being worn directly on the skin.

It's subtle low profile thermo-formed design also hides any unwanted lumps and bumps when wearing T-shirts and tight tops making it ideal for wearing out and about without the need to cover up in many layers.

Fitting instructions

It is important to fit the shoulder brace correctly, in order to obtain the right tension and posture. Please watch a video example on how to fit and wear the Shoulder Brace and follow the illustrated fitting instructions contained in the box.




Designed with the London Spine Clinic - Harley Street

Our shoulder brace has been designed with considerable input from The London Spine Clinic on Harley Street, London.

The London Spine Clinic is the number 1 private clinic in the UK specialising in back pain with a private client list including Olympic champions and a whole host of sports professionals.

Treating in excess of 10,000 patients a year it is their expertise that has helped ensure that the shoulder brace corrects posture and provides support to key muscle groups.

British Designed and Manufactured

When you buy our shoulder brace you are safe in the knowledge that you are buying a British designed and manufactured product and we believe the quality shows.

We believe that there is no better shoulder brace on the market that can improve posture and relieve posture related pain.

Questions & Answers

Q. I have poor posture and slouch when sitting. Will the Shoulder brace help to straighten my spine which has curved?

A. The Shoulder Brace has been designed alongside the London Spine Clinic to improve your posture over time and should help to both prevent slouching and poor posture while you're sitting, standing or active.

Q. How long should I wear the Shoulder Brace for?

A. Used for 3 to 4 hours a day, over a couple of weeks, you will begin to see a positive change in your posture using the Shoulder Brace

Q.  Can I wear the Shoulder brace under my shirt directly on my skin?

A. Yes you can. The Shoulder Brace is made from a cushioned, breathable hypoallergenic fabric which allows the user to comfortably wear the Shoulder Brace either under or over a shirt.

Q. How do I measure the right size?

A. In deciding the best size the measurement is taken around the body at the bottom of the rib cage as shown in the picture.

Q. Is the Shoulder Brace for men or women?

A. The Shoulder Brace is a unisex product and can also be worn by all ages.

Q.  Can I sleep with the Shoulder Brace on?

A. The Shoulder Brace is not designed to be worn whilst sleeping and we do not recommend doing so.

Q. How does the Shoulder Brace work?

A. The Shoulder Brace works by the hypoallergenic fabric straps pulling your shoulders into the correct position, whilst the padded spine section supports your own spine, helping you to strengthen and maintain a correct posture.

Q.  Is the Shoulder Brace large and bulky?

A. The Shoulder Brace has a low profile, thermos-formed design, created with light tones of grey and blue colours, it is very discreet and is very hard to see when being worn under any clothing.

Q. Can I wear the Shoulder Brace whilst exercising?

A. Yes. The Shoulder Braces makes the ideal aid for sporting leisure and activity by supporting your shoulders and middle back.

Q. Where is the Shoulder Brace made?

A. The Shoulder Brace is a British designed and manufactured product and we believe the quality shows.

Customer Reviews

I found this item very good it helped my back a lot... Held my back up right so got a good posture, It's worth the price and found this item very good. Anonymous, Hertfordshire

Took care of my slouching. I only wear it a few hours a day and it has given relief to an annoying dull pain between my shoulder blades & improved my posture. Morrisby, Manchester

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