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Sacroiliac Belt

Sacroiliac belt has been designed to help your hips regain their natural movement.

It works by compressing and supporting the hip or sacroiliac joints. This reduces sacroiliac pain by supporting the joints and prevents excessive movement.

The belt is lightweight and easy to use. It's made from hygienic anti-microbial breathable material so it can be worn under or over clothing.

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Size Chart

Sizes  Small / Medium Medium / Large
Hip Circumference up to 36 inches - 92 cm up to 47 inches - 120 cm

How To Wear The Sacroiliac Belt

Watch a quick guide on how to fit the Sacroiliac Belt correctly.

Is This Right For Me?

The Sacroiliac (SI) Joint is located in the pelvis and is often overlooked when it comes to treating back pain issues. The symptoms can range from pain in the lower back, in the lower buttocks and upper legs and is often confused with lumber (lower back) problems.

Unlike other back supports that you generally wear above the waist, the Sacroiliac Belt fits around hips and compresses the pelvis. It is this compression that support ligaments that may have become loose or injured.

If when lying down you have pain when raising your leg, this could be an indication that there is a Sacroiliac problem. The pain could be in the lower back through to pain in the lower buttocks and upper legs.

After fitting the Sacroiliac Belt you should see this pain reduce as the ligaments become supported and the pelvis compressed.

Features Revealed


Designed with the London Spine Clinic - Harley Street

Sacroiliac belt is unique; it has been designed with considerable input from The London Spine Clinic on Harley Street, London.

The London Spine Clinic is the number 1 private clinic in the UK specialising in back pain with a private client list covering Olympic champions and a whole host of sports professionals.

Treating in excess of 10,000 patients a year it is their expertise that has helped shape the unique features of the Sacroiliac belt.

British Designed and Manufactured

When you buy the Sacroiliac belt you are safe in the knowledge that you are buying a British designed and manufactured product and we believe the quality shows.

Only the highest grade of materials are used to ensure that your Sacroiliac belt will stand the test of time.

Unlike the majority of cheap sacroiliac belts on the market neoprene is not used (the wet suite type material) as although it provides stretch support, it causes the skin to sweat. Only breathable hypoallergenic webbing is used that draws sweat away and provides coolness and comfort.



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