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SDD Manual Decompression

Cervical Collar Manual Neck Decompression

This patented neck decompression device gently stretches neck muscles allowing the vertebral discs to realign, freeing the nerve root tissue from pressure. Neck muscles slowly relax allowing misaligned vertebrae to resume the natural 20 degree curve. The size of the device can be adjusted as well as the strength of traction.

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The neck device is adjustable and can be used for maximum neck circumference 17" / 43 cm.


  • Neck pain relief
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Degenerative discs
  • Nerve impingement
  • Herniated, bulging discs
  • Decompression, radiculopathy


The Manual Neck Decompression Device is a brand new neck device which is made up of light-weight materials and covered with soft textile at the top and bottom, remaining portable and convenient for users. Neck decompression device allows the tight neck muscles to relax and relieve the pressure in the joints and nerves. With its innovative height adjustment technology, the right size is always at hand. Neck decompression device is fully adjustable to fit a wide variety of patient anatomies. 
Easy adjustments can be set for a correct and comfortable fit for every patient.

Simply place a Neck decompression device around your neck to bring relief on the spot. It can be taken anywhere and no assembly or batteries are required to operate the unit. The simplicity of the design makes it the ideal tool for home or office use. No longer have to wait until you get home to seek relief, or lie on the floor to use another product. Therapists have overwhelmingly selected Neck Manual decompression device over any other device on the market.
Simple to use. User manual provided.

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