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Massage Products

Maxiwell Jade Deep Tissue Massage Cushion with Heating Function

Product code: MJR2

Portable and practical massage cushion for home, office and car. Four massage heads provide a deep tissue massage by circular movements, comes with vibration and heat. Relaxing and soothing effect. Adapter included for mobille and stationary use. Remote control for your convenience.

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The Maxiwell Jade massage cushion gives you a deep tissue massage that takes away your knots and tensions, and make you feel healthy and refreshed. The Maxiwell Jade can be used as a full body massage, as you can massage your neck, shoulder area, back and lumbar region, as well as thighs, hamstrings calves and feet. The massage heads are made of jade stones  and has a heating function which works wonders for your muscles. It its easy to use and light weight, and versatile for use at home, in the office or even in the car. The Maxiwell has a remote control that visually displays the massage functions for your convenience. The Maxiwell has helped a lot of people to reduce their back pain and is much loved by our customers as it has proven to be best seller for many years.

One Year Warranty

Customer Reviews

The Maxiwell cushion is really close to a hands on massage. It basically does the same movement as I do with my fingers when I give people a massage. The Maxiwell is a great product, and after the massage you feel more relaxed and less stressed, you're in a better mood and more energised.
Sarah Baechi Physiotherapist M.C.S.P.S.R.P

I purchased a Maxiwell Cushion which I am over the moon with, easy to use and very effective. Thank you very much and keep up the good work, I will be recommending the Maxiwell to family and friends. Regards.
Debbie Locke

I bought the Maxiwell at the Ideal Home Show Exhibition. Since then, I use it very day for my back and feet. When I'm exhausted after work, I put it on my neck and it takes always all that stress and tiredness. Since I started using it my back has healed tremendously. It's a great product!
Pauline Roberts 

I was in severe pain the day I saw the massage cushion demonstrated at a shopping centre. I wasn't sure it could really help me but after tyring it out, I was convinced it could. I bought it and showed it to my chiropractor and he too was impressed. For the last year the Maxiwell has helped me a lot, and relieved a lot of pain.
Mr.J Raval

Very, very relaxing and great stress relief.
Rebecca Leusley

This is lovely massage, very realistic. It really felt like real hands. Fantastic!
Emma Wells

This product is amazing! Very effective at getting rid of tensions and knots.
Naomi Bell

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