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Knee Joint Massage with Heating

Knee, Shoulder, Elbow Air Pressure Massager

The new generation Airwave Joint Massager adopts intelligent control, equipped with airbag kneading, multi-point massage, and combines thermal and vibration massage functions; it also features a 3D wrap-around design for the knee and leg area, which provides better insulation. With the thigh and calf as the fulcrum, it uses the central connecting part to maintain support and reduce the pressure on the knee joint, allowing the knee to stay relaxed. It is suitable for people of different body types.


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In today's diverse society, many factors can contribute to the need for daily care of our knee joints. Engaging in sedentary or prolonged standing work can strain the knees. Poor dietary habits can lead to obesity, which puts additional stress on the joints.

Engaging in seemingly healthy but excessive physical activities can also result in joint injuries. Furthermore, fashionable but inadequate clothing choices can expose the knees to cold temperatures, causing discomfort and potential harm. All of these situations can impact the health of our knees.

Therefore, whether it's older adults or young people, dedicating some time each day to care for our knee joints is crucial and necessary.


1. Breath-powered dynamic air pressure massage
Simulating muscle aerobic exercise, this massage technique uses slow breathing frequency to squeeze the muscles around the joints.
It surrounds a large area in 3d, alternately presses, and relaxes the muscle groups around the joints from multiple directions.


2. 3-level adjustable heating
There are 5 heating areas that can be applied to the painful area for thermal therapy, which helps to relieve pain and
promote the absorption of fluid.


3.Multi-frequency vibration massage
This massage technique soothes joint fatigue and stimulates deep muscles. It quickly relieves knee pain through three levels of vibration modes. Controlled by a smart chip, users can choose weak. medium and strong vibration modes according to their needs.


Ergonomic design
The appearance of the device is designed based on the physiological curvature of the knee joint in the majority of the population. The unique connector design allows for unrestricted movement of the knee while wearing the device, rather than maintaining a fixed position. This design is more user-friendly and accommodating to natural knee movements.


Suitable for different knee joint sizes
The use of local soft materials enhances the device's adjustability, allowing it to fit well on knees of various sizes, regardless of body shape. The design of the straps has also been optimized. Compared to traditional knee products, it is more versatile and suitable for a wider range of individuals.




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