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Fillmed Skin Perfusion Bright Booster 3 x 10ml

Fillmed Skin Perfusion Bright Booster targets hyper pigmentation and uneven skin tone. This bright-booster serum helps to reduce the appearance of hyper pigmentation and uneven skin tone thanks to the high concentrations of active ingredients including 10% Glycolic Acid and 2.5% Phytic Acid to stimulate cell renewal, brighten skin and reveal a radiant complexion. Hexylresorcinol delivers powerful antioxidant properties whilst also blocking the production of melanin to reduce hyper-pigmentation.


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Benefits of Fillmed Skin Perfusion Bright Booster:

  • Brightening serum
  • 10% Glycolic Acid & 2.5% Phytic Acid stimulates cell renewal
  • Antioxidant properties from Hexylresorcinol blocks melanin production

How to use:

Use a new Bright Boost serum approximately every 10 days. Press down the pump until you hear a "click", then shake to activate. Apply and allow to dry for 10 minutes before applying night cream. Due to the high level of active ingredients in Fillmed Skin Perfusion Bright Booster, during the first week of use, it should only be used for a maximum of 3 days. An SPF 50 must be worn during the day.

Clinical Results:

 +40.7% Consistency of complexion, 84% Brightening effect, 92% Skin more luminous.

  • Key Ingredients:
  • Glycolic acid 10%
  • Phytic acid 2.5%
  • Hexlresorcinol 1% (Melanin-block agent)
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