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Knee High Socks

Unisex Compression Socks Varicose Veins 280 DEN Business Collection SALE

Unisex Compression socks DELUXE 280 DEN with gentle ribbing resembling common socks very pleasant to wear. 

Colour: Black
Compression: 17 - 20 mmHg
Denier: 280 DEN

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  • As a prevention of occurance of varicose vein.
  • In first symptoms of venous diseases.
  • Support knee socks with high content of cotton ( 55% ) suitable for long trips as prevention against travel thrombosis.
  • Contains MICRO CAPSULES to improve skin tissue microcirculation.

Why you should choose DIAMOND compression socks?

  • Made according to customer needs
  • Designed to prevent DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis)


  • Contribution of high hydration and regeneration of the skin because of superior cosmetic product which absorb to the skin and makes it softer and moisturized
  • Long lasting high performance cosmetic ingredients
  • Comfortable to the touch because of softness and smoothness material

What are they for?

  • Prevention of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis)
  • To energize tired and aching legs
  • Swollen ankles and legs
  • Prevention of varicose veins
  • Great for travelling, prolonged standing or sitting
  • For women using hormonal contraception
  • For those who are overweight


  • Anatomicaly distributed compression
  • High content of cotton (55%)

Material composition

  • 55% Cotton
  • 25% Polyamide
  • 20% Elastane

Instructions for use

  • Dress up the stockings in the morning, when the legs are still without swelling.
  • Beware of sharp objects (nails, jewelry) when dressing the product, they can damage the product.
  • Do not pull up the stocking until the edge at once time, but pull it gradually from the ankle with both hands.
  • The product can be washed at 40°C. Do not use fabric fresheners.
  • Do not iron the product.
  • Do not expose the product during the storage to the sun radiation.
  • Do not bleach the product.
  • Do not dry in tumble.
  • Do not clean chemically.
  • Self-holding hem cannot be in contact with oil, ointments, creams, solvents etc. It could restrict the durability and functionality of the product.
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