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Miniwell Twist2Go with Heating Function Wireless

Full effeckt in form and functionality with integrated  heating function.
Thanks to its ergonomic form the Twist2Go can give an effective massage
to nearly all body parts-be it neck, shoulder, back, legs, feet or stomach.
Thanks to the optimal placing of the four massage heads with their relaxing circular motion, a soothing comforting massage is guaranteed every time.

The additional active bands not only ensure the optimal placement of the
Twist2Go. They also bring further advantages: You can regulate the pressure
on the affected area to your own requirements and you can enjoy your
Twist2Go massage without having to look for something to lean up against.

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Pure relaxation with the Twist2Go

The Twist2Go massager includes 4 massage heads with different massage techniques. You can choose between kneading, heat and thumb pressure massage techniques.
The kneading technique is mainly used to alleviate tensions, by creating a deep-acting and heat-radiating effect against the heat. The round massage heads feel like a human's thumb tips and lend an authentic feel to the massage experience. The Twist2Go can be used wirelessly.

Features and specifications

Skin and muscles are either clasped and kneaded between the thumb and the index finger or with both hands. This
massage technique is used in particular to ease tension.

A deep penetrating and heat-radiating effect in which one can perfectly relax. This function is particularly beneficial for
muscle tension due to the deep reaching effect.

Wireless massage device.

Round massage heads, based on human thumb tips, grant a very delicate massage experience.

Device Twist2Go
Measurements 35 x 23 x 15 cm
Weight 1,8 kg
Voltage adapter
Input 100 -240 V ~ 50/60 Hz, 1 A
Output 14 V 1,7 A
Voltage device
Lithium battery 11.1V/2200 mAh
Rated power 24 Watt
Runtime 1 – 1,5 hours
Charging time 3,5 hours

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