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The lumbar vertebrae take up more than 60 percent of the body weight


Why lumbar spondylosis occurs?
After humans learn to walk upright, the lumbar vertebrae take up more than 60 percent of the body weight. The lumbar vertebrae are heavily stressed when standing upright for a long time. With the increase of the age, it has led to various lumbar diseases, such as lumbar disc degeneration, acute injury, chronic injury, disc herniation and so on. Therefore, we believe that the key to preventing lumbar spondylosis is to slove the oppression.

The lumbar vertebrae are important joints for sports and weight-bearing. The lumbar disease is great pain and also easy recurrence. The only way to avoid recurrent episodes of lumbar vertebrae is to solving the heavy pressure when standing upright.

Where the lumbar spondylosis occurs?
There are 24 vertebrae, including 7 cervical vertebrae, 12 thoracic vertebrae and 5 lumbar vertebrae. The lumbar disc is located between every two lumbar vertebrae. It consists of fibrous annulus, nucleus pulposus and cartilage endplate. The role of nucleus pulposus in the movement of lumbar spine is similar to a bearing. In addition, the nucleus pulposus acts as a liquid exchange between the vertebral and the cartilage endplate.

The nucleus pulposus will breaks out under the action of external force, such as the upright walking, incorrect sitting posture, external force injury, etc. It causes spinal nerve roots to be squeezed or compressed to cause a series of symptoms.

The most common site of lumbar disc herniation is L4~L5 intervertebral disc, accounting for 58%~62%. L5~S1 is the second, 38% ~ 44%.

What kind of products do people need?
1. A product that solves the heavy pressure on the lumbar vertebrae when standing upright.
2. A treatment method with reasonable price.
3. A treatment method which is simple and easy to be treated for a long time.

Alphay’s air traction belt
Following the most scientific ergonomic principles, our air traction belt use H-force 3D correction treatment. It can provide the complete comprehensive treatment of “ lumbar traction, vertebral recovery, curvature correction, lumbar spine shaping and curvature recovery”at one time. It fundamentally eliminates the factors that cause the lumbar vertebrae problem to be repeated. It is a new way of rehabilitation. Whether work, exercise, driving, standing, sitting, lying, you can wear it any time. No need to go to the hospital, patients can get continuous traction treatment at home.  The mode is to inject air into the belt with an air pump, and the air column extends upwards to generate a strong traction support force.

1. Locking the lumbar: Locking the waist, ribs and tibia to correct the lumbar vertebrae to abnormal curve. The damaged lumbar vertebrae can get rest, the pressure can be aliminated. The lumbar spine can be restored to normal metabolism.

2. Directional traction: Offer directional traction to the lumbar spine, restore the lumbar vertebral curvature and intervertebral space, relax the muscle and eliminate the nerve vascular stimulation.

3. Posture corrector: Provide support to the lumbar vertebrae, make the protruding nucleus pulposus restored.

We find that, reducing pressure from the gravity of upper-body, can observably relieve human lower back pain caused by most disc diseases, so a patented air traction system was born. We call it air traction belt. It could be run as a”Body Jack”for most of lumbar patients in their daily life. Just wear a simple belt, no operation, no expensive reduplicative traction apparatus, keep wearing, then pain relieved.

The key is, the air traction belt alleviates pain and assists active rehabilitation by allowing the intervertebral disc, or nucleus pulposus, back to its natural position. Pain levels can be reduced while pressure applied on the nerve root decreasing by increasing the intervertebral disc space.

In many countries, our air traction belt has been used as a measure of whether or not a lumbar disc herniation needs surgey. If people feel better after a period of our product, there is no need for surgey.

Our air traction belt is not only used for treatment, but also prevents the occurence of such diseases. It can be worn when waist fatigue or people do heavy work, which can effectively prevent the occurence of lumbar disc herniation.

Belt With Pulley System:
A pulley system is integrated into the belt.people will have the double tighten experience with stronger traction effect.
①The unique drawstring system makes the belt perfectly fit people’s body, which achieves a better traction effect.
②The only air traction belt with a protective cover rope design on the market. It is more fashionabl

Hand pump with special designs:
①There is a barometer to show the inflation pressure data.
②The pressure limiting valve is designed to prevent the explosion of the airbag. If over-inflated, it will automatically deflate.
③ The inflation is faster. Whether pull or push, it inflates.
④ There is a leather strip to prevent the valve from being lost after deflation.
⑤ The air nozzle wrench can support people to deflate quickly without rotating the nozzle. People also do not need to use the nail to force the inflation port to deflate. People can also use it to adjust the air leakage problem caused by long-term use easily.

Two-way H-type air column:
There are 25 air column, provide multi-directional support, instandly open the lumbar intervertebral space.

Excellent materials:

Easy to use and free to move:
Different from  the traditional traction bed, people can use it at home. It is easy to use and carry. People can use it during work, walking, driving,running and etc.

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