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Liquid - filled massaging insoles offering relief for a variety of condition

Liquid - filled massaging insoles offering relief for a variety of condition

Is poor circulation leaving your feet in the cold?

In layman's terms, three basic conditions impair circulation to feet and legs: Diabetic Neuropathy, Peripheral Neuropathy and Peripheral Vascular Disease. In the US alone, these three conditions are found in over 12 Million citizens.

So, what can be done? Obviously, eat a healthier diet and quit smoking. But that is not all: the massaging action of Sole-Mates insoles can also significantly contribute to improvement of these conditions. The fluid inside the insoles moves back and forward across the muscles on the base of your foot as you walk, significantly increasing circulation and venous return.

Take a look at the clinical evidence: Recent clinical trials on liquid orthotic insoles have shown an increased blood flow from the feet by an average of 53%. Some diabetic patients registered up to 115% increase in their foot circulation! 

Is plantar fasciitis a pain in your arch?

The pain of plantar fasciitis is caused by tiny tears in the thick, fibrous band of tissue that reaches from the heel to the toes, which supports the muscles and arch of the foot. When the plantar fascia becomes overly stretched, tiny tears occur in its surface. The problem is aggravated by the wearing of shoes with no arch support, resulting in your entire weight bearing down your instep.

Pain is usually worst either first thing in the morning or after prolonged sitting, where the muscle has begun to try to heal itself. Because the healing is not complete, putting weight back on your foot causes repeat of tearing of the muscle and the associated pain.

The fluid in Sole - Mates Insoles creates a natural arch support, cushioning and protecting the muscle, holding it in place to allow the natural healing process to continue. If the insoles are put in slippers and worn before standing in the morning, they can immediately support the muscle and prevent this tear from occurring. The gentle massaging action of the insole also increases the circulation, bringing down extra oxygen to the wound and helping to speed up process of healing throughout the day. 

Do you suffer from lower back or hip pain?

Lateral Muscular Back Pain simply means muscular pain that presents itself just above the hips and runs up your sides. The pain we are looking at comes primarily from standing and/or walking for long periods of time during the day and quite simply comes from the muscles being tired. Approximately 85% of all people will experience some type of back pain making it the most common injury and the most expensive.

What we have found is that by now, most people stand slightly tilted forward. This tilt can and does put undue stress on the hips and lower back. Quite simply, the muscles in your back are working to support your weight rather than your spine. If we can slightly realign your posture you will stand more upright pressure from the hip and lower back muscles.

As you wear Sole-Mates Massaging Insoles, they put upward pressure on the arch. This pressure causes the foot to rock slightly forward pulling the calf with it. This causes a forward rotation of the pelvis which helps the realign the spine straight up and down. Now the weight of the hip and lower back allowing you to stand, walk or work for long periods of time with little or no pain.
For many people the pain relief is immediate! 

Do you suffer from tired and sore feet?

It happens to almost everyone. You get home at the end of the day and your feet are burning, sore, swollen and just plain tired. We all know the problem but what's the solution? Lots of us try to find some kind-hearted soul willing to give a soothing, relaxing foot massage to get circulation back to normal in feet and lower legs. How would you feel at the end of the day if you could enjoy the benefit of an all-day foot massage?

In some ways, we suffer from civilization. Nature designed the human foot to work best when shoeless while walking in soft dirt. Loose soil reshapes instantaneously to transfer pressure from the point of impact to all the foot's other muscles, tendons and ligaments. Today we walk in shoes with no arch support and on flat hard ground. Consequently, our weight falls on our heel and the ball of the foot creating hard damaged skin and painful muscles.

Sole-Mates put your feet to work naturally with all parts sharing the load. The constant reaction to pressure creates a natural massaging action as all those complex systems on the bottom of your feet work in close coordination to allow you to maintain balance. The pressure from the ball and the hell pushes the fluid up under the arch, lifting and supporting it, helping to spread the weight across the whole of the foot. 

Do you suffer from corns or calluses?

Calluses grow on the bottom and sides of the foot - anywhere there is friction or rubbing against a hard surface - as the body's defence mechanism against developing an open sore. The more the rubbing, the thicker the callus tends to form.

While wearing Sole-Mates Insoles, your feet float on top of a flexible surface of glycerin almost like " walking on a water bed". As your feet float, rubbing is eliminated and there is no longer any friction between your sole and your shoes. No irritation no need for the protection of a callus. Over time existing calluses will simply disappear as your feet return to their natural healthy state that comes from restoring a natural healthy environment for them.

Is Morton's neuroma getting on your nerves? 

Morton's neuroma is pain associated with compression of the nerves of the feet, usually between the third and fourth toes. It results in severe pain on the ball of foot and the base of the toes, which gets worse over time. This can lead to cramp in your toes and sharp burning of the ball of the foot or at the base of the toes. Pain is aggravated by wearing tight shoes that compress the affected area while you are walking.

The constant massage of the fluid in the Sole-Mates therapeutic massaging insoles attacks and eliminates the pain from Morton's neuroma by lifting and separating the metatarsal bones and keeping them from rubbing against the nerve. 


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