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Back Pain Treatment

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Neck Pain Treatment

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Disk Dr. belt demonstrates back pain reduction in 90.5% of cases

Disk Dr. belt demonstrates back pain reduction in 90.5% of cases

Non-surgical back treatment with Disk Dr. invented in S Korea in 1995 by Changeui Medical, awarded gold medal in USA for invention in a medical category. From the number one supplier in S Korea to number one in the world. Disk Dr. products prescribed by doctors in USA and EU.

Researched and developed by the "Changeui Medical Annex Research Institute" and verified by the "Orthopaedic Surgery Department of Inje University Seoul Paik Hospital"

As the world's best air injection type lumbar decompression, traction belt, Disk Dr. is an officially approved medical device. Disk Dr. has been developed after conducting through research and analysis on the habits of patients suffering lower back pain. Furthermore, high treatment effects and reliability where verified by a number of clinical trials conducted under long term support and counsel from an expert medical team.

While physical therapy or drug injection treatment shows pain reduction in 63.4 of cases, treatment using Disk Dr. demonstrates pain reduction in 90.5% of cases. Moreover, whereas physical therapy or drug injection treatment shows effects (improvement-full recovery) in 5.5% of cases, which is a very small portion of all cases, treatment using Disk Dr. exhibits effects (improvement-full recovery) 63% of cases or 12 times more than the above mentioned treatment options.
The results verify Disk Dr. considerable quantitative and qualitative excellence in reducing lumbar pain

Experimental results show that Disk Dr. reduces disc pressure by 25% on the average and retracts up to 50kg of upper body weight to minimize load on the spine and disc. Moreover, it increases internal abdominal pressure by up 20% thereby leading to the proper arrangement of the spine through the diffusion of spinal load and shift of center gravity toward the spine.

Disk Dr. For Better Quality of Life

Disk Dr. is very effective for diverse types of lumbar diseases and it can be used in combination with other types of lumbar treatments to achieve faster and better results.

Treatment Effect by Symptom

Disk Dr. Is Convenient 

Disk Dr. has been developed considering diverse factors.

Autonomy - the user can adjust the wearing time and air pressure in accordance with the symptoms and lumbar pain.
Portability - The user can conveniently carry Disk Dr. anywhere.
Convenience - Disk Dr. is very convenient to use. ( No electricity, No drugs, No expiration date)
Economy - There is no additional cost after purchase.
Activity - While wearing Disk Dr. the user can enjoy light exercise
Appearance - When worn inside the clothes, it does not show on the outside
Stability - There are no lumbar related side effects, complications.

Disk Dr. Technology To Change the Era

Unique verified medical technology of Disk Dr.
Excellent pressure reduction, lumbar pain treatment technology.

VAP™ (Vertical Air Pressure Technology)
As the most effective traction treatment technology for lumbar pain, VAP™ technology involves a high pressure air pillars vertically retracting around 50kg of weight for the spine. The part of the spine that has been retracted by VAP™ technology becomes weightless and decompressed. Treatment of lumbar pain is achieved by reduced pressure on disc, increased intervertebral distance and recovery of herniated disc.

The comparative analysis of lateral photos of the lumbar and sacral regions showing before and after wearing Disk Dr. confirms increased lumbar lordosis. Moreover, measurements of intervertebral distance between L4 and L5 showed 3mm intervertebral elongation on the average.

Innovative Rehabilitation Function

RMS™ - Reinforcing Muscular Strengthening System
The RMS™ is Changeui Medical unique innovative medical technology that overcome the limits of traditional traction belts, which weaken the waist when worn. When Disk Dr. retracts the spine, the RMS™ system uses air pillar to pull and relax spinal muscles to stimulate and strengthen them.The users exercise capacity is immediately improved and the damaged waist muscles quickly recover to allow fast rehabilitation.

Disk Dr. Ergonomically Designed

Disk Dr. has been ergonomically designed for comfortable long term treatment and wearing experience.
More than 70% of actual users wear Disk Dr. for 6-12 hours a day.

Average consumer wearing time (on one weekly basis)
42 hours per week (6 hours per day) - 18%
84 hours per week (12 hours per day) - 50%
126 hours per week (18 hours per day) -20%
7 days per week  -6%
Others - 6%

Would You Recommend Disk Dr. To Others?

Through its excellent treatment effects and functionality, Disk Dr. has made significant contribution to improving the quality of life for patients suffering from lumbar pain. Moreover, its effect has been verified by numerous patients and many reputable hospitals worldwide. Users of Disk Dr. report high satisfaction and continue to introduce Disk Dr. to their friends and families. We believe that users recognized the value of Disk Dr. through their experience.

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