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7 Causes of Pain Under Your Shoulder Blade

1. Poor posture
Prolonged sitting with poor posture may cause your spine to undergo structural changes that eventually cause pain underneath the shoulder blade.

2. Improper lifting technique
Lifting objects overhead that are too heavy can strain muscles or sprain ligaments, or potentially injure the shoulder joint or spine, which could refer pain under or near the shoulder blade.

3. Overuse
Overuse can lead to muscle strains and ligament sprains, which can cause pain in the upper back, such as between your shoulder blade and spine.

4. Cervical herniated disc
A disc herniation in the lower cervical spine is more likely to radiate pain into or near the shoulder blade area.

5. Dislocated rib
A rib may pop out of place or become misaligned after repetitive strain or reaching for an item overhead.

6. Heart condition
Some heart conditions can present as pain in the shoulder blade region. Aortic dissection is a serious, life-threatening condition that occurs when the heartʼs largest artery gets a tear and may cause severe pain that can move under or near the shoulder blade.

7. Compression fracture
A compression fracture is when a vertebral bone (typically in your upper back) weakens and compresses, causing back pain that feels better with.

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