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  • Traction Principal of Disk Dr. Apr 24, 2014 Traction Principal of Disk Dr. Using air pressure, Disk Dr. lifts the upper body so that it drastically alleviates the pressure in intervertebral disc and reduces the pressure in nerves. Reduction of pressure makes protruded cartilage... Read more
  • Flat feet can cause lower back pain in women Apr 15, 2014 Flat feet can cause lower back pain in women The shape of women's feet may contribute to their risk of lower back pain, says research published in Rheumatology. A large US study of 1,930 women and men found that women who walk with flat feet were... Read more
  • Understanding each surgery Mar 12, 2014 Understanding each surgery Types of surgeries 1. Surgery to remove herniated pulp. 2. Spine fusion surger 3. Drug injection treatment  1) Surgery to remove herniated pulp (laparatomy, laser, laparoscope, etc.) In... Read more
  • Rheumatoid arthritis Mar 02, 2014 Rheumatoid arthritis Rheumatoid arthritis is caused by abnormal immune response that leads to the inflammation of joint and muscles or ligaments surrounding the joint. Cycles of improvement and exacerbation repeat in this... Read more
  • Spondylolysis Mar 12, 2021 "Spondylolysis" is caused by fracture or loss of the posterior joint connecting one vertebral bone to another. The upper and lower vertebral bones cannot adhere to each other, thereby causing... Read more
  • Vertebral compression fracture Mar 12, 2014 Vertebral compression fracture "Compression fracture" does not actually mean breaking of spinal bone: rather, it means that the bone is crushed from excessive pressure or trauma. For a healthy spinal bone to develop compression... Read more
  • Spinal (lumbar) canal stenosis Mar 12, 2014 Spinal (lumbar) canal stenosis Spinal canal is located in the back of the spine and houses spinal nerve. In spinal (lumbar) canal stenosis, this spinal canal harrows and compresses spinal nerve. There are two major reasons for narrowing... Read more
  • Spinal stenosis Mar 12, 2014 Spinal stenosis Spinal stenosis is a typical degenerative disease. Aging causes loss of moisture in disc, which in turn causes decreased elasticity or internal deformity of the disc. Once the internal disc ( pulp) is weakened,... Read more
  • Scoliosis Mar 12, 2014 Scoliosis When the backbone appears laterally bent ( to a side) from the back, the condition is called scoliosis. Although there are genetic factors in scoliosis, most cases are due to incorrect everyday posture... Read more
  • Herniation of intervertebral disc ( Bulging disc) Mar 12, 2014 Herniation of intervertebral disc ( Bulging disc) For this disease, trauma on disc or internal degeneration (degenerative) causes inflammation of the disc and compression of the nerve. Symptoms and treatments are very similar to those of herniation of intervertebral... Read more
  • Herniation of intervertebral disc ( herniation of vertebral pulp) Mar 12, 2014 Herniation of intervertebral disc ( herniation of vertebral pulp) There are discs that act as cushion between spinal bones. This disc is called intervertebral disc, and it consists of annulus fibrosus - which is external tissue made of hard fiber - and vertebral pulp,... Read more
  • Spinal sprain ( lumbar sprain) Apr 16, 2015 Spinal sprain ( lumbar sprain) Spinal ( lumbar) sprain refers to shock, damage, or rigor of light muscle or ligament caused by lifting heavy objects, performing rigorous work, or doing excessive exercise or due to traffic accident.... Read more
  • Sciatica and Referred Pain Mar 17, 2017 Sciatica and Referred Pain Sciatica and Referred Pain Sciatica in its widest definition is pain in the distribution of the sciatic nerve. That his the buttock, back of thigh, whole leg and foot It has many causes including... Read more
  • Facet Joint Pain Jan 31, 2014 Facet Joint Pain Facet Joint Pain The facet joints act like hinges. It is a dynamic structure and does not lock There is a lot of debate about whether facet joints can cause pain The best treatment is to stay... Read more
  • The Lower Back Apr 16, 2015 The Lower Back The lower back (lumbar spine) is a complex structure made up of bones (vertebrae), nerves, discs, ligaments and muscles. It provides us with mobility and strength. Proper functioning of the spine is needed... Read more
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