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Tratamiento del dolor de espalda WG50 G2

Disk Dr WG50 para tratamiento y descompressión de discos de la espalda

Tratamiento para la espalda Disk Dr. WG50, alivio del dolor de espalda y cinturón de apoyo para la espalda recomendado para el alivio del dolor de espalda, hernia discal, ciática y descompresión espinal. 

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Tabla de tallas

Disk Dr WG50 G2
Size Waist Measurement
  S 71-78
  M 81-88
  L 91-99 
  XL 101-116 

Importante - Por favor, asegúrese de que su talla de pedido de Disk Dr. NO ES LA TALLA DE SUS PANTALONES,
sino la medida tomada con una cinta métrica alrededor de su cintura.

Recomendado para:

  • Dolor en la parte inferior de la espalda
  • Hernia de disco
  • Proturerancia de disco
  • Disco degenerativo 
  • Ciática 
  • Estenosis espinal 
  • Espondilolistesis
  • Descompresión espinal 
  • Dolor lumbar agudo-crónico
  • Pacientes de hernia de disco antes-después de cirugia de columna 
  • Prevención en trabajos arduos que requieren levantar objetos pesados y flexionar 
  • Debilidad congénita en la cintura extensa de asiento, conducción de larga distancia 
  • Los que se dedican a los deportes u ocupaciones que requieren utilizar mucho la cintura  
  • Dolar en la parte baja de la espalda causado por la obesidad, dolor en la parte baja de la
    espalda de origen fisico que requiere terapia de tracción. 

 Tecnologia VAP™ 

Tecnología presión de aíre vertical 

VAP™ es la tecnología médica exclusiva de Cgangeui que proporciona aíre 
con alta presión solo vertical, por lo que las vértebras lumbares quedan 
protegidas contra la gravedad.

  Stronger Traction Power

WG50 Double has improved
its traction by 32% and its
support range by more than
20% as compared to WG30
Powerful air column raise
the upper body to produce
an average of 3mm space
between the lumbar vertebrae
and maintain dislodged
intervertebral distances.

Use for various treatment

The belt is inflated to
produce traction in the
vertebral column and Thus
ease lumbago, effectively
treating herniated intervertebral
discs and degenerative
lumbar spinal stenosis.




Non - surgical treatment
done in daily life

Get over lower back
pain without surgical
It can't be helped if an 
operation is inevitable;
however, it is strongly
recommended that you
give it a try to overcome
lumbago with
Disk Dr WG50 Double


Double-belt design

The design, which has been
filed for patents in Korea,
USA, and China, will help
distribute abdominal weight
effectivelyy to ensure more
comfortable and sturdy
support for the vertebral





 Tecnologia VAP™ 

Qué es VAP?


  • VAP™ is Changeui Medical's unique technology delivering
    high air pressure only vertically, therefore the lumbar
    vertebrae is protected against gravity.
  • Vertically expandable air pressure can give
    traction power (around 50kg) that can lift the
    upper body of a mature adult.

VAP performance and effect

Vertically expandable air pressure can
give traction power (around 50kg) that
can lift the upper body of mature adult.

             Before inflation                         After inflation

                  130mm                                         200mm

Product info

To present the product to your
parents who work hard in the
To present a strong back to
your wife who does house
chores all day long.

To office workers to relief
back pain stress entirely.

To protect the back of our
children who suffer from
hard work
To let mothers have a strong
back with traction belts after
they give birth.
For drivers who suffer from
back pain due to
long - time driving. 
The employment of an air circulation system helps the circulate up and
down thus, the product ensures free ventilation of air as well as discharge of
harmful air coming from outside through the circulation system.
The product has antimicrobial action in itself.
  • Installation of the air circulation system
  • Hygienic treatment of inner lining 

Hygienic interior lining is made of pure cotton and achieves 100%
disinfection. The deodorization inhibits proliferation of microorganisms.
The results of examinations conducted after an elapse of 18 hours proves
to have 99.9% effects. The fabric which is comprised of pure cotton and
functional fibers emits far-infrared radiation (radiation rate: 90.6yul) and


  • The 36 of strong air pillars of the Disk Dr. produces traction in the intervertebral disc and expand the distance vertically to reduce pressure in each of the lumbar vertebrae and thus relieve pain.


  • The powerful air pillars come into close contact with a back, raise it, and create an intervertebral space of an average of 3mm. 


How to use






Cuál es la diferencia entre la WG30 G2 y WG50 G2?

Todas las actividades del día a día pueden llevarse a cabo mientras se usa el Disk Dr. WG30.
Disk Dr. WG50 es más ancho que WG30, por lo que proporciona un mayor apoyo y tracción,
pero WG30 es más cómodo para sentarse.

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