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Three Level Back Brace

Three level detachable back support brace

Three level detachable unique back support belt.
Compared to traditional back support belts, newly invented back support brace shows the different and more powerful features.

Recommended for:

  • Unique Back support system to assist with general lower back pain
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Herniated disc
  • Facet syndrome
  • Sciatica
  • Unique Post surgery lumbar back support 

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1) Two detachable and freely adjustable lumbar support plates provide great support for the waist. It is designed according to the curve of the human waist and can be adjusted freely, which can be applied to various body types.

2) The large back plate alloy slide rail can reduce the friction force between the large back plate and the belt, allowing users to have a smooth pulling experience. Fastening and stable, it solves the problem of difficult ropes of similar products.

3) Removable 2-speed adjustable back support bar, giving the back great support. According to the design of the physiological curvature of the human back spine, users can adjust the support strength according to their own needs. The support plate can also be omitted according to customer requirements.

Achieve Compression to Your Specific Body Shape and Size

How it Works?

The compound 10:1 pulley system enables the Flex back Pro to get 10 times tighter than other back braces.

The smooth pulley system allows you to easily adjust the support as you transition from a seated to a standing position or vice versa. This helps make you achieve a comfortable level of compression no matter what activities you are participating in.

After you've adjusted the tension, simply attach the pulley cord to the brace at the front of the body. This means you don't have to worry about stressful or frustrating twisting, which could ultimately harm your back further.

The closures of the post surgery lumbar back support are fastener material, making it easy to apply, remove, or adjust the brace even if you suffer from arthritis of the hands. 

Best Support and Comfort Guaranteed 

The pulley system, along with the front panel of the lumbar back brace, produce intracavitary pressure that helps reduce pressure on the spine.

The support panels offer 3 dimensional support for the lumbar spine.

The compression and support of this brace for back pain could not be simpler to operate and more comfort.


Feature one - 10:1 Compound Pulley System

One of the key elements of Flexback Pro is the patented 10:1 compound pulley system. It amplifies one's force, making it very easy to tighten the brace and apply compression in a matter of seconds, with just one hand.

The low-friction pulley system amplifies your force, making it easy to achieve a high degree of compression. This allows you to completely customize the level of compression you need applied to your back.
It also helps achieve compression to your specific body shape and size.

Compression can help control or reduce swelling, as well as relieving pain while moving.

The pulley system operates smoothly and the front closure of the brace eliminates the need for any damaging twisting.


Feature Two - Adjustable Lumbar Spine Support

The lumbar spine support gently supports your lumbar spine.
It is made of thermoplastic polymer, which moves & bends
with you supporting your everyday movement.

Designed with 3 arc settings, it helps to maintain the natural 26 degrees curve of the lumbar spine. The spine support can also be removed if you prefer to use without it.



Feature Three - Velcro Attachable Side Supports

The side supports offer side to side control, minimizing
damaging movements of the spine.

The side supports are covered in a plush padding that is soft against the skin and comes with removable inserts


Feature Four - Large Posterior Support Panel

The back panel of the lumbar pulley brace is ergonomically contoured to the natural curve of the low back,and designed to distribute pressure widely and evenly over a large area.
It effectively takes excess pressure off overloaded or unstable areas.

It is surrounded by breathable padding for comfort and to prevent sweating or overheating. This panel provides support from the top of the lumbar spine down to the sacrum at its base.

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